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Judo was developed at the end of the nineteenth century by Jigaro Kano. Kano became one of Japan's most influential educationalists and a highly regarded member of the nascent International Olympic Committee. His concept of judo was to take the foundation of the self-defense style of ju-jitsu and tailor it to become a safe method of providing physical and mental development to children and adults alike, while also embodying key social values.

Judo has gone on to become an Olympic sport, and during its 140 years of history still provides all these attributes, now on a global scale, with judo being practiced in over 200 countries.

The benefits of doing judo and why you should consider our sport are many. We could attempt to explain them here in detail ourselves, but we prefer proven experts to do that for us. So here on this page are many links and videos that validate our faith and belief that judo is a great activity for all ages. 

7 reasons why you should start Judo

This article is from one of Judo's most successful competitors (World Champion, Olympic Medalist) who is renowned around the English-speaking world as the "Voice of Judo", Neil Adams MBE.

Judo as a perfect sport to support children's development

An article from the Johan Cruyff Academy that describes the value of Judo for primary education initiatives to support children’s development and performance.

The Remarkable Benefits of Judo

Judo can instill values, build character, and develop social and problem-solving skills, allowing you to stay focused and in good shape. From Amakella Publishing.

Judo in Schools - For a better world

A video presented by the International Judo Federation Schools Commission, that focuses on their development program, but highlights the many of the benefits of Judo. 

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